Cameron Balloons Ltd

We’ve sold over ten thousand balloons globally since 1972. With so much choice, it easy to see why. All designed and built in Bristol, England.

We are the world’s largest manufacturer of man-carrying balloons and has been for several decades. The company carries full approval and type certifications from the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and many authorities in other parts of the world. The product range extends far beyond balloons.

The factory and technical offices are located in the south of Bristol, England. There is a staff of 50 comprising technical specialists and skilled machinists. Staff turnover is low; the average years of service is more than sixteen, resulting in an exceptional body of experience.

Facilities include sewing machines, RF and hot air welding machines, a computer-controlled cutting table, a wide-format printer with a capability for printing double curvature images and photo-realistic artwork on a giant scale. The mechanical facilities include a machine shop, stainless steel welding and mechanical assembly areas.

Cameron Balloons Ltd - Bristol UK

The technical facilities comprise the latest computer aided design software and also proprietary fabric design software which has been developed in house. There is a laboratory for testing of fabrics and components, including tensile test machines and a facility for exposing fabrics to ultra-violet and simulated weather.

Cameron Balloons remains the world’s largest manufacturer of man-carrying balloons although a large part of its business is in other, mainly fabric, products. Anything can be produced in fabrics and, as other parts of this web-site show, the range is very wide. Projects tend to be those which require a degree of technical challenge and some standard products such as bouncy castles and garden gazebos, while perfectly possible, are probably best left to specialised producers.