Fabric Engineering

Fabric Engineering

Cameron Fabric Engineering (CFE) the sister-company of Cameron Balloons Ltd specialises in manufacturing large-scale objects and innovative fabric products from unusual or specialist textiles, technical films, unconventional substrates or more traditionally-woven synthetic fabrics.

We solve unusual problems and manufacturer amazing art projects and design concepts from any part of the Globe. Ideas emerge and we pride ourselves in being able to realise some seemingly outrageous requests.

You want an 18m diameter inflatable snow dome to fit over a statue in Durham? We can do it. A huge drop of mercury nestling by some water in the Lake District? Not a problem. A 6m flying light bulb for Muse with an acrobat hanging underneath it? We’ve made them all. 

Many of the projects that we get involved with mean dealing with a number of specialists from different disciplines and backgrounds. 

Our manufacturing capability is vast. We can provide creative solutions from the very beginning of a product life-cycle, developing ideas, prototyping and advancing early product design, all the way through the process of manufacture, to final completion or installation. We produce anything from fabric: inflatable or tensioned structures made by sewing or welding woven fabrics or plastic films.

Our knowledge and expertise means that your product does not have to be air or gas filled.

Another aspect of our work is the enormous range of items that we have made for stage and fashion sets. These have been in all sorts of sizes and shapes – some of which have even enabled the actors to perform inside them!

We also have wide format printing facilities in-house for fast turn-round at low prices. At up to three metres in width and the length dictated only by the amount of fabric on the roll, we not only print our own products but can produce huge banners for point-of-sale, advertising or even wraps for complete buildings.

Cameron Fabric Engineering draws on techniques and quality-control from approved aeronautical build systems that we have excelled in for over 45 years while making passenger-carrying balloons and airships from flexible materials can be applied to anything - on the ground, in the air or even in space. 

Our 4,000 square metre production facility is based in the heart of Bristol, just 90 minutes from London, it is easy to get to and has plenty of free onsite parking.

If you would like any further information about any of these projects or if you would like to come and see the work behind the scenes, please do get in touch and we would be delighted to show you around. 


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